Barstool - White Cedar

Barstool - White Cedar

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Barstool - White Cedar

Straight out of a storybook, these white cedar barstools are made entirely of White Cedar utilizing mortise and tenon joint for a solid sturdy construction.  Split white cedar logs are attractively arranged to create a nice smooth seat.

White cedar is available either sanded, finished and polyurethaned or unfinished, rough and rustic. 

Naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, cedar is a perfect wood for outdoor use. 

Left unfinished white cedar will oxidize form a lovely grey patina producing a more antiqued & weathered look. 

Sanded and polyeurethaned white cedar shines!  Finished in this way, white cedar will eventualkly change with age turning a soft, mellow gold.

These barstools are available stained as well.  Either in a reddish-brown stain or a dark brown provincial stain.

Available in custom heights.

This item my be etched with your choice of lettering and/or images.

Prices may vary depending on finish, dimensions & etchings.

Pictured - White Cedar Barstool 2' height - unfinished